Friends of OutStanding

Every year a number of generous individuals donate to OutStanding, to help ensure we run a great competition and are able to offer prize money.  We are very grateful for their ongoing support.

If you would like to support OutStanding, please contact us –

Past Committee members:

Teresa Savage (website, Facebook, administration and financial management 2013 – 2018) Teresa is a long term feminist and LGBTQIA+ activist. She is an avid reader, keen member of a book club and has a Masters in Writing. She has had many pieces published, and is particularly interested in issues of ageing and the LGBTQIA+ community. She is the founding director of 55upitty, an online celebration of the older LGBTQIA+ woman.

Amelia Lush (guest judge 2016)  Amelia Lush is the Manager of Better Read than Dead in Newtown. She has worked in independent book stores in Sydney for over 8 years and has a great love of Australian authors and children’s literature. She had been a judge for the ABIA Awards, Indie Awards, the CBCA Awards.  In 2016 she won the Australian Bookseller’s Association Young Bookseller of the Year Award, and in 2012 she won the ABA Baker & Taylor Elizabeth Riley Fellowship for Children’s Bookselling

Ricardo Felipe (administration 2014-2016)  Ricardo is a book designer for cultural organisations, artists and designers. He is also the publisher of a new queer imprint called Omo Books, publishing the work of LGBTIQ thinkers, writers and image-makers.

Rowan Savage (judge in 2013 and 2014)  Rowan has been an avid reader all his life.  He has taught writing and communications to undergraduates, but now uses his writing skills in the public service.  Rowan has had numerous essays, articles and papers published.

Laurin McKinnon The Short Story Competition was started originally by Laurin McKinnon and Gary Dunne of Blackwattle Press, the first gay publishing house in Australia. Laurin became our behind-the-scenes admin person and mentor, and has supported us in many ways until having to stand down due to ill health in recent years. His guidance and expertise were invaluable, and he will always be a part of OutStanding.

Artful Coaching Liz Whitby, of artful Coaching, was a great supporter of our competition, and for several years provided creative and career coaching for winning writers. Liz passed away in March 2018 after a long battle with cancer.  We will always be grateful for her support to the LGBTIQ community and our writers.