Here are our 2023 Winners.  Please read The Judges Report 2023   

Jonathan Llewellyn.  First Place for “Another Bottle.”

Jonathan receives $1,000 + 2 Mardi Gras viewing tickets.

Jono works in the performing arts in regional NSW, and lives on a farm with his husband, highland cows, chickens, and puppy.




Timothy Collard.  Second Place for “Queer as Vienna Coffee”.

Timothy receives $500.

Timothy was born and raised in Brisbane. He studied Japanese at the University of Queensland and has since lived on the Gold Coast, Hamilton Island, Sydney, Osaka and Paris. He currently resides in the outer London suburbs with his husband and six-year-old Spoodle. 



Kristof Mikes-Liu. Third Place for “Nowt As Queer As Fork”.

Kristof receives $300.

Kristof lives on Gadigal land with his partner, Brendan. He rekindled an interest in creative writing during the pandemic. He also likes to do lino prints. He works on Darug, Gundungurra and Wiradjuri land as a public sector psychiatrist and has an interest in dialogical practice. 



Brendan Campbell. Highly Commended for “Your Ghost”.

Brendan receives $100. 

Brendan Campbell is an aspiring queer writer who has recently returned to Australia after more than decade, living out his literary fantasies in London and Bath. Brendan has a passion for historical fiction and hopes to explore through his writing our relationship with the past and the effect it has on our everyday lives. Having worked in the music and entertainment industry for many years, he now plans to pursue his writing further. Brendan has a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Writing and lives with his husband in Sydney’s inner east.


Phil Soliman. Highly Commended for “A Really Good Time”.

Phil receives $100. 

Phil Soliman is an artist, designer, filmmaker, educator, and DJ living and working on Wurundjeri land in Melbourne. He has a Master of Fine Arts from RMIT University, and has exhibited extensively across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Auckland. He regularly writes and has recently started Melbourne Queer Writers to provide a space for queer and neurodivergent folks to write and share their stories. 




Orlando Silver.  Highly Commended for “Queer As (Trans ) Fuck”.

Orlando receives $100. 

Orlando Silver (he/they) publishes transmasculine erotica, poetry, and short fiction. He has self-published two books, “Soft Fruit” (2022) and “Relent” (2023). He is the editor of the upcoming anthology “I Write the Body”, published by Kith Books in November 2023. Orlando is a 2023 Westwords Academian. He can be found here: https://orlandosilver.substack.com/ or on Instagram as @orlando_silver_ 



Samantha Black.  The Admin Prize for “Lavender Dress”.

Samantha receives $100. 

Samantha is, and always has been, a lover of stories. While her own writing is often hampered by procrastination, she spends this time reading, with a fun romcom always at the top of her TBR list. 





Katrina Erasmus. The Madeline Shaw Youth Prize for “The Vipers Lair”. 

Katrina receives $250. 

I am an amateur writer, entering a competition for the first time. While I like to read escapist fantasy and absurdist fiction, I write more realistically. I am most interested in exploring queerness, femininity, and mental illness. My writing is informed by my own experience but made much more interesting with my imagination. 


SK. Youth Runner Up for “Rewind”.

SK receives $100. 

SK is an undergraduate student at the University of Melbourne.